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Business and Finance

Globalisation, economic distress and increased competition are forcing leadership to exercise greater financial discipline and vigilance. Financial security is product of aligning business strategy and planning with financial oversight and control. Getting the optimal balance between Markets, Production and Supply Chain will prove decisive.

In this regard, we offer the following services:
  • Financial analysis, modeling and scenario planning
  • Costing solutions
  • Financial and funding strategy
Business Optimisation

The fluidity and globalisation across geographic landscapes implies the need for ongoing strategic alignment, effective supply chains and organisational flexibility. Organisational flexibility and effective business value chains are increasingly proving decisive between survival and failure.

Our expertise enables us to support business transformation to deal with changing client, market and shareholder expectations. This transformation requires consideration of:
  • Business strategy
  • Business operating model
  • Business maturity
  • Organisational design, flexibility and culture
  • Transformation objectives
  • Technology
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